The Hypocrite

Written by: Alana

Mathew 21:28-32

Jesus discussed a man with two sons who were called to work. “Son go to work today in my vineyard.” The first son claimed he was not going, but afterward regretted and went anyway. The second son claimed he was going, but never went. Which of the two did the will of his father?

This parable reminded me of myself. The son who wanted to do his father’s will, but never truly, whole-heartedly obeyed. This son was phony, just going through the motions, saying he was going to obey, but didn’t. It is dangerous to pretend to obey God when our hearts are far from Him because God knows our true intentions. Our actions must match up with our words.

Even though some individuals may know Christ, where are their hearts? What are their actions and intentions? Did I sit in church and read the Bible frequently? Yes. However, I was just going through the routine, saying I was a child of God, but disrespected God by feeding into my flesh. Sin feels so good when you are in that moment… But how do you feel afterward? The enemy wants you to give into temptation and feed your flesh. We all have unique situations where we easily fall into temptation, and the Devil knows every situation that will force us to sin against God. He knows how to make you weak and fall through. Do you know your weakness? (Proverbs 5: 8; Remove your way far from her, and do not go near the door of her house.) Solomon is referring to the immoral woman in this verse; stating to not go anywhere near her. When you know your weaknesses remove yourself from situations that will cause you to sin.

When God is truly in your heart, you will hear Him more clearly, and even feel him in your presence. When we disobey, we remove ourselves further and further from God. It’s not that He isn’t talking to us, we cannot hear him because we removed ourselves so far, and we don’t recognize his voice. How far have you gone away from God? Can you still hear is voice?




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