A Love Like His

Written by:Alana

Where do I go from here?

Training my mind to focus on good thoughts

But feelings of guilt and disgust creep in my atmosphere

How do I survive?

How do I capture these thoughts and put them to rest?

How do I stop loving you; caring and thinking about you?

When you slay me every week, the thought of you ever coming back still makes my heart beat

Trying to move forward, but I never knew a love like this

.. But wait, Jesus is sitting on the throne looking down jealous

How dare I cry and morn over you when Jesus display his love for me everyday

His love runs deep and is so pure

How dare I ignore Him for this artificial portrait of “love’ you created?

He who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.

But where did your love go?

Is God still in you, or are you still painting the artificial portrait?



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