Black Emperor


My King, My head and not the tail, my God appointed earthly ruler,

Before Now, right now and even tomorrow I will follow you.

I will continue to stand by you and I will always vouch for you.
Right now I know the world seems to be against us, but just know that,
Your Queen, your rib, you God appointed earthly ruler has your back.
Yes, your back remember your back carries a lot of stories just like my womb.

Stories of strength, endurance, patience, and love;
Without giving in and without conforming.
Everything you do I know you execute with the generations before and after you in your heart.
Keep it that way and as long as I live I will hold you up my emperor.



In loving memory of all the Black Emperors that have been slain by the injustice hands of the self-proclaimed protectors of the community. We love you and will never forget the bloodshed. We uplift your families, and we stand together as a family in your honor. This will not go unheard†


Illustration by: Guy Miller


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